Local Bend photographer, Chris Mather, earned his degree in photography at the Colorado Institute of Art and has been working in the professional field of photography for more than 20 years. Chris settled into Bend 19 years ago with his wife, Dana, and daughters, Cassidy and Madison.

With clientele including Deschutes Brewery, Brasada Ranch, Bend Memorial Clinic, and Ruff Wear (to just name a few), you can trust in his capability to deliver the best in quality photo’s. Over the years, Chris has shot numerous weddings on the side for friends and family, eventually, word got around and his talents were being requested for more and more weddings. Many successful weddings and satisfied couples have confirmed the direction for this now husband and wife team, who find themselves honored and fortunate to share in these special times and intimate moments.

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! The pictures are precious, beautiful, creative treasures for a lifetime, not only for us but for so many we love.You did a marvelous job of catching those fleeting moments and doing so unobtrusively. We are so grateful--you were the best investment, and we are absolutely thrilled."

Judy & Roy Brown - Riverhouse - Wedding

"Chris was an AMAZING photographer! He did everything we asked and more. I would recommend Chris with all my heart!"

Shannon Harbert - Inn at the Seventh Mtn. - Wedding

"Chris is an amazing wedding photographer. He asked my husband and I lots of questions because he wanted to be sure we got exactly what we were looking for in our photos. He was so friendly and we all had a lot of fun. Thank you again!"

Elizabeth Stokes - Smith Rocks - Wedding